Capsule Curation Box

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As a hassle-free way to provide you with quality clothing, the CAPSULE CURATION BOX will provide you with 7 STAPLE PIECES hand selected specifically for you and your clothing needs. There is no month to month commitment and no obligation to keep items you don’t love.

Why Zuna?

If you love shopping- fabulous! If you don’t- that’s fabulous, too! Studies have shown women have more anxiety when getting ready in the morning. This can stem from too many options, fit, comfort, and (most importantly) how you feel in it. Let Zuna help with that analysis paralysis! Zuna's job is to make your life easier and make you feel your Absolute BEST while you're out and about living it. 

You'll be kept up to date on the LATEST TRENDS while keeping your selections TRUE TO YOUR PERSONAL STYLE.  You’ll get FREE STYLING TIPS for each garment for inspiration on what to pair them with in your own closet.  

Exclusivity- Capsule curation box selections will have first access to inventory and inventory not featured on the Zuna website. 

How does it work?

A credit card authorization form that will be sent to your email for the items you wish to keep. There is a small nonrefundable $17 STYLING CHARGE for each box. 

Once you received your box, you’ll be free to TRY ON THE COLLECTION IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. The box will be sent with a prepaid shipping label. You’ll have 15 DAYS to play and shop. What I love most about this concept is you can mix and match it with clothing you already have- that way you’ll know how to incorporate it with pieces you already own.

Once the 15 days is up, you’ll RETURN WHAT YOU DON’T LOVE. No questions asked. Just drop it in the mail with the label already provided with a post mark date listed on the shipping label. You’ll be AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED for the items you’ve chosen to keep. All items will come with a pricing list, so you know exactly how to plan your purchases.

If you don’t return any items within the 15 day time period, you’ll be charged the full amount of the items.